Terms and Conditions for Mediation Services


Virtual mediation sessions can be scheduled in three or four-hour half day sessions.  Virtual all-day sessions are booked for six hours or more.  There is a THREE HOUR MINIMUM for a half day virtual mediation and a SIX HOUR MINIMUM for a virtual all-day mediation.   You may book half day mediation sessions on any available morning or afternoon shown in our Mediation Calendar by calling the office after conferring with all opposing counsel.  Virtual in person all day sessions should be booked on a date where both morning and afternoon sessions are open on the Mediation Calendar by calling the office after conferring with all opposing counsel.   Please call the office for assistance with scheduling.  Our assistant will make every effort to assist with coordinating a date and time.

After a mediation session is confirmed, our office will provide a Zoom videoconference link log in to all parties.

If the parties desire in-person mediation, PLEASE schedule all day session.  Our South Miami office has a conference room and empty offices available.  In person mediation can also be scheduled at a location of your choice by agreement of the parties.  Travel time at a discounted rate plus expenses (if any) will be billed in addition to the mediation fees and split equally between the parties.


Once a mediation session is confirmed with all parties, it will be firmly scheduled on our office calendar.  As a courtesy to the parties,  after a mediation is scheduled, our office will file a Notice of Mediation with the court that has jurisdiction over your case (not applicable to presuit mediations).   After the mediation session is completed, we will also file a Mediator’s Report . The Report will inform the court that the parties have either fully or partially resolved the claim at mediation or have reached an impasse.


At the conclusion of every successful mediation where a partial or full settlement is reached, the parties who have settled will be provided with a Mediation Settlement Agreement setting forth the essential terms and conditions of the settlement.  This will be provided before the mediation is concluded and then sent to each party and their counsel via email for electronic signature.   This procedure ensures that the parties have a binding settlement before the mediation session is closed.


Mediator  fees are based upon hourly rates as follows:

  • $450.00 per hour for mediation involving two parties – divided equally between the parties.
  • $550.00 per hour for mediation involving three or four parties – divided equally between the parties.
  • $175.00 per hour per party for mediations involving five parties.

For mediations involving six or more parties – a full day flat rate will be offered based on the case.


Short notice cancellations result in calendar openings that are difficult to fill and lost opportunity to serve others.   As a result, we have a firm cancellation policy.   After a mediation is scheduled – and if all parties agree – cancellation received in our office at least 10 business days in advance of the scheduled mediation are without any penalty.  Cancellations received in our office from 9 to 3 business days prior to a scheduled mediation will be billed to the parties equally at 50% of the minimum hourly fee that would have been applied had the mediation taken place.  Cancellations received in our office 3 days or less prior to the scheduled mediation are billed to the parties equally at 100% of the minimum hourly fee that would have been applied had the mediation taken place. We will make every attempt to minimize cancellation penalties if time can be filled with another mediation but reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee where time cannot be filled.


Schedule an appointment via our online calendar.